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So PAN AM shows an episode yesterday that was distinctly out-of-order and that was distracting. I don't know how they expect to attract people to the series if they do that type of thing. In particular this episode, with its emphasis on Laura trying to decide about losing her virginity, was weird out-of-order as we already know she had a casual one-night stand with a G.I. and frankly she seemed much too relaxed about the whole thing in that scenario for that to have been her "first time". Myself I always assumed her first time was with the past fiance she jilted on their wedding day. [shrug]

In contrast last night's episode of ONCE UPON A TIME was superlative. The ingenious take on Beauty and the Beast with none other than Rumplestilskin/Mr. Gold as the Beast was truly wonderful. And the twist (SPOILER HERE), with "the Beast" in this case not wanting to become human once more because he so valued his power as something other than human yet still finding himself with true feelings for Belle, was unexpectedly heart-wrenching. Rumple/Gold seemingly has more... not likeable, as he is still definitely a villain... but rather more emotionally affecting qualities than the Evil Queen/Mayor. With this episode and the one about his son (and I suspect there is a tale to come about how he ultimately lost that son), he is a villain who is turning into someone "a shade of dark gray" rather than pure black. It makes it possible to understand why he so often demands a first-born child as payment for his services. I do so adore this show and its very dark take on the fairytale world!
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Very disappointing that you can no longer sort the entries alphabetically on the bookmark setup of the new Delicious.

Going to make it more difficult to see if a story you want to rec on [ profile] crack_van has been rec'd before, since authors often have more than one pseudonym.
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My, but the EMMY AWARDS show was abysmally boring last night. And much of it tasteless as well, with most of the not-only-politically-incorrect but virtually insulting jokes falling flat as pancakes.

That gal from GLEE (whose name I don't even know) was hopeless as emcee. Her jokes were in the main the height of tasteless, and her opening number was really clunky and clumsy and frankly stank.

The silly vocal bit with the Emmy-Tones -- I guess to give that 60s feel since the 60s are so in right now -- was really bad.

The presenters seemed clueless much of the time as they read the poor jokes off the teleprompter, and that beauty-pageant send-up done with the Lead Actress in a Comedy category was particularly a WTF??? moment.

The only thing halfway decent in the whole show was the In Memorium segment.

Geeze, you think people in television would know how to create an awards show that works as television!
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Scriptwriter Scott Z. Burns did an interview earlier this week about the opening Soderbergh film CONTAGION. During the interview he was asked a couple of questions about the slated MFU movie. Here are those questions and his answers:

Having worked with Steven for as long as you have, what do you make of all this talk about his retirement from filmmaking?

I hope he doesn’t retire. Look, Steven has made a lot of really great movies, and I think like any artist, he wants to push himself to continue to try and do new things. And I think he’ll retire when he can’t find a good reason to go make another movie. I know we’re going to do Man From U.N.C.L.E., and I hope by the time we’re done doing Man From U.N.C.L.E., we’ll have an idea for something to do after that. I really hope he doesn’t retire; I really think he has a lot to contribute to American cinema. I’d be sad to see him go.

What can we expect from The Man From U.N.C.L.E.? Will it be a straightforward take on the material?

Yes. It’s gonna be period. So it will be set in the ‘60s. Some of it has, I hope, the wit and wryness of the series. It was a really brave series in its day, because it was a Russian and an American working together, and they didn’t have a government. They were working for U.N.C.L.E., and I think Steven and I both loved the idea that there was this unaffiliated organization trying to make the world better. That sounds awesome to me.
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In my office in downtown Manhattan (right across the street from South Street Seaport), the building shook quite violently.

All personnel were evacuated by the emergency stairs and had to wait outside (I guess I waited about 45 minutes or so outside the building once I and my co-workers had made it down the stairs from the 34th floor) until the FDNY inspected the structure's integrity.

Definitely an interesting afternoon in New York!
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Criminy, I now have 8 codes!

If you need one, PM me.
carabele: (Default) I didn't have to slosh into Manhattan through the snow/sleet/rain mix that was expected. But here in Jersey City, it's actually been all snow since at least 9:00am (the time I got up, so don't know how early the snow actually started) and they have lowered the expected high temp for the day (it's almost 1:30pm now and the temp is still at freezing), so I think it will wind up mostly snow.

All snow being predicted for tonight and early tomorrow with an accumulation of 6-10 inches expected. I haven't been outside but, looking out from my window (I'm 14 floors up, so estimating snow on the ground is difficult from up here [chuckle]), there looks to be at least 2 inches (and very possibly more like 3) on the ground already.

I am so glad I decided on Monday to just take this day as a vacation day!
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Everybody probably already knows this except me [chuckle], but I found it interesting that Solo is the name of a popular racing dinghy originally designed in 1956.

Here's a pic:

According to info from the UK sailing club:
The National Solo is a classic, one-design, single-handed dinghy. Designed by Jack Holt in 1956, the Solo is sailed at many clubs in the UK, Holland and Australia.

Originally designed in wood, competitive boats are now widely available in Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or composite construction (FRP hull and wood deck) as well as wood. The new FRP boats have re-vitalised the class and it is now as popular as ever before giving close racing at many events.

Features of the boat include light, double-chined hull, inward sloping decks for comfortable sitting out and a fully battened sail set on a deck stepped mast.