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I received the DVD as a stocking stuffer from my son at Christmas, but I didn't have a chance to watch it until last night.

Can't say the movie itself impressed me too much, but then I didn't expect it to really. I'm not much into war movies.

Still, RV was lovely to watch in it (still Napoleon Solo gorgeous here) and he did get the best line in the movie, the "But who is the enemy?" question as he is about to face the firing squad from his own side.

Did anyone else notice though how the part in RV's hair switches sides during the course of the film? In the beginning and at the end it's opposite side from where he wore it during his Napoleon-years. But during the middle of the movie, it's to the Napoleon side.

Also, he had very short, looking recently barbered, hair in the very beginning. But in the middle it was less cropped. Then at the end it was that very short look again.

I realize that just indicates that the beginning and ending were filmed at one time and the middle of the movie at another, but you know it seemed a bit weird that Major Kreuger would have taken the time to go for a haircut and coiffure restyling before reporting to the general to try and get the bridge blown up at the end of the story. [chuckle] The continuity folks were a little sloppy there.

And wasn't it a bit strange that, after Kreuger is shot by the firing squad, we see two bullet holes in his uniform jacket, but no blood? I mean it's not like this movie was shy about showing blood, though -- considering it was a war movie -- there was probably less blood than would have been shown if this movie was being made now rather than in 1969.
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I finally got a chance this past Sunday to watch NO TIME TO BE YOUNG, which was the motion picture where RV was "introduced."  It's a typical 1950s "morality tale", but I have to say RV was quite impressive in it.

It's about three third-year college friends (all particularly noted as being 20 years old in the film), all described as "good kids", and the unfortunate circumstances that overtake them.

The first is played by RV.  He is intellectually brilliant, but in a bad place psychologically.  He is quite well-to-do; his mother is a dedicated career woman who has raised him alone since he was a baby when his father walked out.  He keeps saying he wants to be "left alone", but that isn't true at all.  Lonely and trying to find some kind of place for himself, he is having an affair with one of his female professors who is twice his age.  At the very beginning of the film we see him exiting the Selective Service office.  Having been kicked out of school for flunking grades (despite the fact everyone knows he is way too smart to have failed) and belligerent behavior, he's been drafted.  He's afraid of going into the army (because he realizes he'll just get into trouble since he can't and won't obey anyone's orders), yet unwilling to really make a plea with his college dean to get back into school.  His dream is to buy a sloop and sail around the world.  Of course he winds up in trouble, but I won't go into detail on the rest of the story unless someone particularly wants to know it.

This role though really is an interesing one for RV and he plays it well.

I hope I can get some pics up from it over the Christmas holidays, particularly because there is a really nice shirtless sequence in this for RV.  [chuckle]
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...and received my purchase of THE MIND OF MR. SOAMES last week.

So, if I get a chance over my time off during the Thanksgiving holidays, I'll post some caps from those RV vehicles here.
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Can you image any guy even thinking about saying that stuff publicly today? [chuckle]

Some of those mag articles/interviews from the 1960s with our U.N.C.L.E. acting guys are a real hoot to read now in retrospect.

The one that really had me rolling was the one that intimated RV had a secret inclination in his head to steal Katherine from DMc before the two were married. [snort] Especially ridiculous since at that time RV had absolutely no real interest in marriage at all, and said so many times.

Then as now tabloids did put out some really amazingly stupid stories (though of course then it was all in print and now a lot of it is in TV "entertainment journalism" shows).

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