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And doesn't he look dapper?

Henry Cavill as Napoleon Solo
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Lookie here: Cavill confirms he is replacing Cruise in THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. movie

Seems Cavill does indeed have the role of Napoleon Solo. So 3 cheers and a round of applause! WB finally got it right!
carabele: (Animated Napoleon) the new MFU movie!

I wanted him in the role from the git-go! Right look, right age, good actor! I'm dancing around the room with this news!

And for those who have never seen Henry Cavill in "suave" mode, take a gander at this pic:

Look at those dreamy eyes (okay so they are blue with only a touch of brown), but still)! That slightly cleft chin! And I've been impressed with what I've seen of his acting. Adored him in THE TUDORS. And he's the perfect age for the role at having just turned 30.
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I've added to my website my HODOWE: Int'l Left-handers' Day Chellenge story.

WORD COUNT: approx 33,600
WARNINGS: Adult situations
SUMMARY: Not every fairytale begins as you'd expect... or ends as you'd hope
TIMELINE: Winter into Summer 1955
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I've added to my website my HODOWE: Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras/Carnivale story (see HODOWE: Challenge Event Calendar Revised on [ profile] section7mfu for more info).

WORD COUNT: approx 1,325 words
WARNINGS: Adult Situations (including an implied but non-sexually explicit het romance)
SUMMARY: She was his Clara... until she wasn't any longer.
TIMELINE: Late Winter 1958
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WORD COUNT: approx 12,100
WARNINGS: Violence/Torture; Mild Sexual Innuendo
SUMMARY: Thrush has developed yet another dangerous drug. But this time their production/distribution operation is centered in apartheid-governed South Africa, where U.N.C.L.E. has no chartered jurisdiction.
TIMELINE: Early Winter 1967/1968
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Been reported elsewhere but Bradley Cooper has decided against playing the role of Napoleon Solo in the upcoming MFU movie.

Info here:

And here:

Actually I'm relieved, since I didn't think him right for the part. But seems Soderbergh is having a helluva time casting though apparently he really wants to stick to the spring 2012 shooting schedule start.
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Some weeks ago there was a discussion on [ profile] mfu_canteen about what the each of guys might collect and [ profile] bluemeanybeany mentioned cufflinks for Napoleon.

This set my mind off on a story tangent and the result is the following:

Genre: GEN / Mild HET
Rating: R (because of the one het sex scene)
Warning: Adult Situations (contains one scene of mildly explicit het sex)
Word Count: approx 14,900
Timeline: Spring 1974 with flashbacks from 1936 to 1969
Summary: Napoleon owns dozens of pairs of cufflinks. Is there more to the collection than meets the eye?
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Day 07 – Favorite member of UNCLE: Napoleon Solo

This one is easy peasy for me to be sure.

From the first moment I watched the show, Napoleon has been my guy. I just love his non-vainglorious self-confidence, his overall ease with people and situations, his natural ability to charm, and his unshakeable cool in tense circumstances. Introverted myself (even more so when I was younger), this kind of personality was really something I aspired to back then and still do today.

Napoleon is intelligent and very savvy, extremely competent at what he does. He can both strategize and smooze (sometimes both together). And, despite all the personal angst in which we fanfic writers tend to embroil him [chuckle], in the series there is no doubt he enjoys life and is ultimately a happy person.

With a good sense of humor, he is willing to laugh at himself. Yet as well is he also capable of trulty empathizing with the trials and tribulations of others. To top it off he is an idealist with a strong moral compass, willing to sacrifice his life for what he believes in. He has wit, heart, spirit and soul. And handsome to boot. Yeah, what's not to like? [grin]

His womanizing never bothered me because he always is honest about it and because I see it as part of his "joie de vivre" attitude toward life as a whole. There really is a kind of energetic rejoicing in the moment that exudes from him like the sheer effervescence of the best champagne.
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I posted the story I wrote for the MFU Summer Solstic fic challenge to my site.

So, for those of you who prefer PDF format, here's the info and link:

Name:       CHIMERA
Type:         Gen
Length:      approx 2,350 words
Rating:       PG
Warnings:  None
Timeline:   Autumn 1964
Summary:  What is illusion? What is reality? How much of which is which is determined by what we expect... or don't expect... to see?
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Repost here from [ profile] mfu_yumdaily...

Genre: GEN
Warnings: NONE
Length: approx 2350 words

Sunshine requested: This photo deserves something shocking or even eerie. It calls for gen, definitely.

Raise your eyes toward the direct angle of the sun )
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Repost here from [ profile] mfu_yumdaily...

Sunshine requested: This photo deserves something shocking or even eerie. It calls for gen, definitely.

Raise your eyes toward the direct angle of the sun )
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Over the past few months I've had a chance to work with the talented [ profile] wendiez on an MFU fanfic aftertake on THE GURNIUS AFFAIR. That collaborative work is now posted to my website. (Part 1 is all Wendie's work; I came into the writing for Part 2 and Part 3.)

Here's the info and link:

Type:         Gen / Mild Het
Length:      approx 87,100 words
Rating:       R
Warnings:  Language, Torture, Adult Situations
Timeline:    Late Summer into Late Autumn 1967
Summary:  Psychological pain can haunt us, preventing the ultimate healing of both minds and hearts while stretching taut the ties of friendship. An aftertake on THE GURNIUS AFFAIR.

Hope some folks find it enjoyable
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Clicking on one of the story links in MFU ARCHIVE, I was surprised and rather tickled to come across a multi-writer MFU fanfiction site devoted solely to stories on Napoleon Solo.

One of the guidelines is: We prefer to keep this site "Solo-Centric" but stories with both agents are allowed.(please no Illya centric stories as he has plenty of sites of his own!)

That had me giggling. I thought it was neat. Yes, there are and have been for a good while sites by individual authors that are Solo-centric (my own included), but this is a multi-writer site.

So far of course there are only a few stories there, one I had read before elsewhere and one that is a WIP, so I won't read it till it is complete (thuogh I scanned the first chapter out of curiosity and did find it quite well written). Still, it's like balm to my soul to see others more interested in Solo's adventures than Illya's.

No idea if the site will take off or if it will wind up being worth beans, and me I prefer to stick to posting to my own personal site along with MFU Archive and Still, it was just something that, as a dyed-in-the-wool Solo-phile, made me break out in silly grin.
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You know I honestly don't think that the proposed new MFU movie will be made in any kind of "soon" timeframe. But watching THE TUDORS the other day, it came to me that Henry Cavill would be a good Napoleon Solo.

He's got a good look for it (minus scruffy beard and mustache) and even has a cleft chin. [chuckle]

And he's a good actor, with a kind of easy-going quality (with a tormented underpinning) to his acting that suits the role. AND he is in the right ballpark age-wise (unlike another actor who will go unmentioned), being in his late twenties.

He's British, but he can do an American accent, so... How about it Warner Brothers? [chuckle]
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...was one I've never heard discussed (probably because there are less Napoleon fans overall and particularly so on LJ).

When Lisa Donato says that the painting, the Casilian Woman, that had once belonged to her family was all that was left of a once large estate, explaining the taxes and death duties and the like had sapped the rest away, Napoleon's remark is "Yes, I know." Hmmm... He knows, huh? Sounds to me like Napoleon's family did, at least at some point and seemingly within his own range of personal memory, have wealth that wound up being "eaten away" by the same things as that of Lisa Donato's family.

I've always held that a man who had one grandfather who was an ambassador and the other who was an admiral had to come from some sort of privileged background. Those just aren't positions held by the poor. But others point to the remark Solo makes in BRAIN-KILLERS about understanding about needing money for the basics of life as indicating he had to come from a poor background.

The remark here seems to reconcile the two ideas: privileged background but lost inheritance from the vagaries of taxes and death duties and maybe unpaid debts of the grandparents, etc. Yet it seems likely he experienced at least some time growing up with money, since he was well aware what would result in a "hemorraging" of that money.

Of course we'll never know what the writers intended (if anything, since every single writer may have had their own private ideas of the guys' backgrounds, ideas that more than likely went unshared and definitely undocumented). Still, I have to say that this comment is just as intriguing with regard to Napoleon's status with regard to wealth and privilege as the one in BRAIN-KILLERS. More so in my opinion.

Of course, I've created my own background for Solo in my stories that works for me and I hope others find it believable as well. But honestly that remark in RE-COLLECTORS really made me nod my head and say, "Yes, that fits in with the other remark in BRAIN-KILLERS quite nicely."
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Everybody probably already knows this except me [chuckle], but I found it interesting that Solo is the name of a popular racing dinghy originally designed in 1956.

Here's a pic:

According to info from the UK sailing club:
The National Solo is a classic, one-design, single-handed dinghy. Designed by Jack Holt in 1956, the Solo is sailed at many clubs in the UK, Holland and Australia.

Originally designed in wood, competitive boats are now widely available in Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or composite construction (FRP hull and wood deck) as well as wood. The new FRP boats have re-vitalised the class and it is now as popular as ever before giving close racing at many events.

Features of the boat include light, double-chined hull, inward sloping decks for comfortable sitting out and a fully battened sail set on a deck stepped mast.
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In general I have to say I don't remember what I dream.  There is the occasional exception of course, but the dream I had last night was so vivid!  It was an entire MFU storyline!

It was weird of course, as dreams generally are.  The plot had to do with Thrush creating this mud -- yes, that's right , MUD -- that could somehow suction plankton from a fresh water environment.  Thus it could destroy the whole ecosystem of rivers and lakes.

My dream started out with Napoleon being captured by Thrush on a mission.  However, U.N.C.L.E. had not a clue at that point about the mud and its dire purpose; thus that wasn't the focus of Napoleon's mission at all.  He had gone into a detected new Thrush scientific facility to get a listing of Thrush hierachy in the place, since U.N.C.L.E. wanted to know what level personnel were being filtered into that facilty (as they had no idea why it existed).  Our guy had been captured and finally makes his escape through a underground facility that is producing the mud.

Naturally Napoleon gets back to HQ covered with the stuff.  You can just imagine his reaction to that!  [chuckle]  Anyhow when the mud is examined by the U.N.C.L.E. lab folks to make sure it contained no toxins that would negatively effect our fearless (and unhappily dirty) CEA, the truth of the compound is discovered, sending our two guys off on a mission to destroy the processing plant of course.

There was lots of muddy hand-to-hand (oh my! unexpectedly yummy) between our guys and various Thrushes during the assignment.  And our boys went through some unwholesome tortures, but in the end Illya managed to blow up the plant with the aid of a obsuring plan by Napoleon to keep the Thrushes occupied as his partner exercised his munitions skill.

It was actually a lot more detailed than I'm writing here, but I have to admit the whole thing with Napoleon more than once in very muddy clothes (and definitely annoyed by that) was intriguing (as was the dress shirt he wore that stuck winsomely to his body after the mud application).  [laugh]

Maybe I'll write this as a piece of fanfiction, but somehow I think it would lose a lot without the (absolutely stunning) visuals!  [laugh]

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