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So QuoteME: Challenge 3 is coming up fast on [ profile] section7mfu and honestly I can't think of a thing to write.

Since I'm running the QuoteME, I really do want to post a story for each challenge. Yet not a single thought on what would fit the quote has come into my head and time is running short. Plus work has been a bear lately and in fact I seldom even get to read stuff on LJ in recent weeks. I even wound up having to log into the office from home over the long weekend because we opened a new law office and there was tons of stuff to get ready system-wise for that. [sigh]

Oh well, maybe inspiration will strike this weekend.
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In my office in downtown Manhattan (right across the street from South Street Seaport), the building shook quite violently.

All personnel were evacuated by the emergency stairs and had to wait outside (I guess I waited about 45 minutes or so outside the building once I and my co-workers had made it down the stairs from the 34th floor) until the FDNY inspected the structure's integrity.

Definitely an interesting afternoon in New York!
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So I took off from work for the rest of the week to celebrate my birthday today. (I try to do this every year if nothing critical is going on at the job.)

It's a rainy day, but I really don't mind. Plan to spend it indoors anyway, puttering about with this and that and probably watching a bunch of MFU episodes. (And not worrying about nonexistent future movies. [wink])

I have a birthday dinner planned with friends and family for Friday, but for today I doubt I'll even get out of my pajamas. [chuckle]

Ah relaxation!

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