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Here is an excerpt from an interview with Armie Hammer where he mentions his upcoming role as Illya Kuryakin in THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. remake movie:

INTERVIEWER: You’re playing Illya Kuryakin in “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”

INTERVIEWER: I feel that people unfamiliar with the show might not realize how cool that character is.
HAMMER: That’s very true. I had no idea before I got involved with it.

INTERVIEWER: The actor who played him in the series, David McCallum, became a heartthrob because of this character.
HAMMER: Oh, dude, he had the way with ladies. He had all of the spy gadgets. He was tough. He was cool. He had everything. He was like the original Bond.

INTERVIEWER: It’s an interesting movie because “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” was a popular show in the ’60s, but it hasn’t been a sustained popularity like something like “The Lone Ranger” or “Star Trek.” Do you think it needs to be completely reintroduced?
HAMMER: I try not to think about that. I mean, that seems to me– you know, Guy Ritchie, who’s directing it, that’s in his wheelhouse. I’ll let him worry about that. For me, like I said, my job lies almost exclusively between when the director says “action” and when he calls “cut.” So, it could also maybe be more freeing. That we do have a bit more artistic liberties to take with this. Because there are less people who are staunch fans of it.

Full interview is here: Huffington Post interview with Armie Hammer
...but most of it concerns the movie THE LONE RANGER (this summer's big floppo as it turns out).
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WORD COUNT: approx 12,100
WARNINGS: Violence/Torture; Mild Sexual Innuendo
SUMMARY: Thrush has developed yet another dangerous drug. But this time their production/distribution operation is centered in apartheid-governed South Africa, where U.N.C.L.E. has no chartered jurisdiction.
TIMELINE: Early Winter 1967/1968
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Seems Steven Soderbergh has lost his preferred casting choice for Illya Kuryakin in his proposed new MFU movie.

Joel Kinnaman instead has been cast as Lancelot in the upcoming WB ARTHUR & LANCELOT movie. Apparently Soderbergh had made it known to the WB execs he wanted Kinnaman for the role of Illya in MFU after meeting with the actor. But WB decided to offer Kinnaman the role of Lancelot instead.

Story link here:
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I posted the story I wrote for the MFU Summer Solstic fic challenge to my site.

So, for those of you who prefer PDF format, here's the info and link:

Name:       CHIMERA
Type:         Gen
Length:      approx 2,350 words
Rating:       PG
Warnings:  None
Timeline:   Autumn 1964
Summary:  What is illusion? What is reality? How much of which is which is determined by what we expect... or don't expect... to see?
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Repost here from [ profile] mfu_yumdaily...

Genre: GEN
Warnings: NONE
Length: approx 2350 words

Sunshine requested: This photo deserves something shocking or even eerie. It calls for gen, definitely.

Raise your eyes toward the direct angle of the sun )
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Repost here from [ profile] mfu_yumdaily...

Sunshine requested: This photo deserves something shocking or even eerie. It calls for gen, definitely.

Raise your eyes toward the direct angle of the sun )
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Over the past few months I've had a chance to work with the talented [ profile] wendiez on an MFU fanfic aftertake on THE GURNIUS AFFAIR. That collaborative work is now posted to my website. (Part 1 is all Wendie's work; I came into the writing for Part 2 and Part 3.)

Here's the info and link:

Type:         Gen / Mild Het
Length:      approx 87,100 words
Rating:       R
Warnings:  Language, Torture, Adult Situations
Timeline:    Late Summer into Late Autumn 1967
Summary:  Psychological pain can haunt us, preventing the ultimate healing of both minds and hearts while stretching taut the ties of friendship. An aftertake on THE GURNIUS AFFAIR.

Hope some folks find it enjoyable
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In general I have to say I don't remember what I dream.  There is the occasional exception of course, but the dream I had last night was so vivid!  It was an entire MFU storyline!

It was weird of course, as dreams generally are.  The plot had to do with Thrush creating this mud -- yes, that's right , MUD -- that could somehow suction plankton from a fresh water environment.  Thus it could destroy the whole ecosystem of rivers and lakes.

My dream started out with Napoleon being captured by Thrush on a mission.  However, U.N.C.L.E. had not a clue at that point about the mud and its dire purpose; thus that wasn't the focus of Napoleon's mission at all.  He had gone into a detected new Thrush scientific facility to get a listing of Thrush hierachy in the place, since U.N.C.L.E. wanted to know what level personnel were being filtered into that facilty (as they had no idea why it existed).  Our guy had been captured and finally makes his escape through a underground facility that is producing the mud.

Naturally Napoleon gets back to HQ covered with the stuff.  You can just imagine his reaction to that!  [chuckle]  Anyhow when the mud is examined by the U.N.C.L.E. lab folks to make sure it contained no toxins that would negatively effect our fearless (and unhappily dirty) CEA, the truth of the compound is discovered, sending our two guys off on a mission to destroy the processing plant of course.

There was lots of muddy hand-to-hand (oh my! unexpectedly yummy) between our guys and various Thrushes during the assignment.  And our boys went through some unwholesome tortures, but in the end Illya managed to blow up the plant with the aid of a obsuring plan by Napoleon to keep the Thrushes occupied as his partner exercised his munitions skill.

It was actually a lot more detailed than I'm writing here, but I have to admit the whole thing with Napoleon more than once in very muddy clothes (and definitely annoyed by that) was intriguing (as was the dress shirt he wore that stuck winsomely to his body after the mud application).  [laugh]

Maybe I'll write this as a piece of fanfiction, but somehow I think it would lose a lot without the (absolutely stunning) visuals!  [laugh]
carabele: (Default) struck me while watching HONG KONG SHILLING again tonight that particular mission could well have raised some... contrary thoughts for Illya.

Though of course having military secrets sold to the highest bidder would be something he wouldn't want to see happen necessarily, the secrets in question were particularly American and NATO military secrets.  As a Soviet, how did he feel about having to protect those?  And really weren't those folks bidding on those secrets simply spies themselves?  Thrush isn't ever mentioned as being part of this operation.

I do think Illya had a definite loyalty to his native land.  I do think he was -- as I noted in a Canteen discussion -- a good communist but not a blind communist.  However, protecting those military secrets detailed in HONG KONG SHILLING kind of crossed the line between protecting humanity and "saving the world" to protecting the military machine of the U.S. and its allies.   I can imagine that being frustrating for him.

It's an intriguing question to ponder.  And I did notice that at the end he hands the shilling, which is supposedly made of the same material as the nosecones of U.S. missiles, to Napoleon with the comment: "A souvenir of Hong Kong.  Take it home to your family."  Perhaps it can be interpreted that he didn't want to be responsible in the end for restoring the coin to the hands of the U.S. military?  And that by "your family" he really meant the United States government?

What do others think? 
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During the long weekend last week I had plans cancelled because my daughter-in-law got a flu bug and thus my son and his family weren't able to participate in our planned activities.  Since they weren't something I wanted to do alone, I just stayed at home and chilled.

Happily this gave me plenty of time to rewatch some more Season 1 MFU episodes:  YELLOW SCARF; MAD, MAD TEA PARTY; and SECRET SCEPTRE.  Now the first two of these I have always tremendously enjoyed and did again, even noting some things I had more or less overlooked before.  SECRET SCEPTRE, however, has never been one of my favorites.  Yet with this viewing I found myself appreciating it much more.

One of the things that really kind of struck me in it though was Illya's inane (and sorry, Illya gals, but it was inane) answer to Morgan's question about why he had tagged along with Napoleon.  You know the line: "It is inevitable; a man must die a little every day."  Hearing it actually made me chuckle it was so obviously crafted by the writers to sound "mysterious".

As we all know, Illya had lots of those mysterious-crafted lines during the series.  Some of them really fit the moment perfectly (like the "A man is never free who has to work for a living, but I'm available" one), and some of them were just... well, stuff and nonsense, though I mean that in a good way.  It was part of the character of Illya to attempt to be always inscrutable, sometimes to no more point other than that.

So....  in that vein (and remember this is all in fun) I was coming up in my head with various "inscrutable" responses Illya might make to various comments or questions.  These are under the cut for folks who want to play along.  [grin]

A little bit of quirky fun... )