carabele: (Default) one of those tiny volcanic islands surrounded on all sides by the relentless sea, encountering the constant slap of the waves and trying not to erode away under the force of such an element.

Being a Napoleon fan in MFU fandom does often strike me that way. Illya fans are seemingly everywhere. So trying to express viewpoints on this or that from a Napoleon-centric angle often seems like a hopeless task.

I will admit it sometimes makes me confrontational in discussions when I don't intend to be. Thus I will find something I post seems, surprisingly to me, to come across wrong in some way or other to someone in the discussion. It always makes me blink because I never realize beforehand that whatever it is will be taken in such a way.

I never intend to offend anybody, but apparently I do unintentionally because I admit I can get carried away with trying to be a solitary voice above the roar of the waves.

So I just want to say here that I certainly have no agenda against Illya as a character or anything like that. I just tend to see things from the other side, e.g. Napoleon's side. [grin]

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