Jul. 15th, 2013

carabele: (Animated Napoleon)

You Are Deep

You are completely self sufficient. You are your own happiness.

You are content with your life and the world. It's hard to bum you out.

You see how everything is cyclical. You understand that nothing is permanent.

Insightful and smart, you know enough to get how the world works yet still realize there is more to learn.

carabele: (Animated Napoleon)
[chuckle] This result is soooooooooooooooooo true for me. I am so NOT an outdoor summer person.

You Are SPF 50+

Sun? No thanks! You're practically vampiric with your avoidance of the sun.

You rather be in a climate controlled environment, thank you very much. The sun is overrated!

It's likely that the sun hasn't been very good to you over the years. You're not one for overheating and sunburns.

You know that anything that can be done in the sun can be done indoors. And that's how you like it.

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