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I am a writer of Man from U.N.C.L.E. fanfiction and that's what brought me to LJ.

I write gen (and maybe a little het). Sorry, no slash. But if you have an interest, links to the my stories are behind the cut.


THE INNER AND OUTER MAN -- GEN; Short Story (approx 1,075 words); Complete 1/17/15; PG Rated
Experiences in our past definitely form aspects of our personalities.
TIMELINE: Autumn 1941, Winter 1946, Summer 1965

3 x PREPOSTEROUS = GENIUS -- GEN; Short Story (approx 2,500 words); Complete 9/13/14; PG Rated for mild language
Alexander Waverly was indeed a man of unique vision.
TIMELINE: Summer 1945, Winter 1955, Autumn 1964, Spring 1974

THE COURAGE OF HIS CONVICTIONS -- GEN; Vignette (approx 860 words); Complete 5/21/16; PG Rated
Napoleon decides he has a duty to his own convictions.
TIMELINE: Spring 1954

THE PLAY'S THE THING -- GEN; Short Story (approx 25,850 words); Complete 3/20/11; PG-13 Rated for language and discussion of adult situations
A story of Napoleon's stay in Survival School.
TIMELINE: Summer into Autumn 1954

THE CINDERFELLA AFFAIR -- GEN; Short Story (approx 33,600 words); Complete 8/19/12; PG-13 Rated for adult situations
Not every fairytale begins as you'd expect... or ends as you'd hope.
TIMELINE: Winter into Summer 1955

DEPRIVATION OF THE HEART -- GEN; Vignette (approx 1,325 words); Complete 2/19/12; PG-13 Rated for adult situations
She was his Clara... until she wasn't any longer.
TIMELINE: Late Winter 1958

BECAUSE... -- GEN; Vignette (approx 1,035 words); Complete 8/22/15; PG Rated
Our fears can often be more convoluted than we consciously acknowledge.
TIMELINE: Winter 1960

FLOTSAM and JETSAM -- GEN; Short Story (approx 1,025 words); Complete 8/26/14; PG Rated for mild language
Things we keep private can sometimes be revealed under circumstances over which we have no control.
TIMELINE: Spring 1962

ALL GOOD PEOPLE -- GEN; Vignette (approx 825 words); Complete 2/14/11; PG Rated
The Cuban Missile Crisis: What thoughts went through the heads of our men from U.N.C.L.E.?
TIMELINE: Autumn 1962

THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES... SORT OF... -- GEN; Short Story (approx 975 words); Complete 4/18/14; PG Rated for mild language
Sure as roses are red
Napoleon ultimately knew
Illya was tricky
Though a 'gentleman' too.
TIMELINE: Spring 1963

THE NOT-SO-SOLITARY WEEKEND AFFAIR -- GEN; Vignette (approx 640 words); Complete 1/9/12; PG Rated
Napoleon is about to be named North American CEA... if he can get through the customary security seclusion for the weekend prior to the announcement. So can Illya find a way to keep him from flying the coop?
TIMELINE: Summer 1963

CHESSGAME -- GEN; Vignette (approx 575 words); Complete 4/12/14; PG Rated
Chess is a game of strategy -- whether conventional or unconventional.
TIMELINE: Summer 1963

QUENCHING THE CANDLE? -- GEN; Short Story (approx 10,400 words); Complete 10/20/13; PG-13 Rated for mild language
Things go a bit unnaturally awry soon after Solo's promotion to Chief of Enforcement for U.N.C.L.E. North America.
TIMELINE: Autumn 1963

A LESSON IN PROTOCOL -- GEN; Short Story (approx 950 words); Complete 2/28/15; PG Rated
A youthful experience grants Napoleon a knowledgeable perspective regarding a touchy bit of protocol.
TIMELINE: Winter 1964

SANELY SERENE/SERENELY SANE -- GEN; Short Story (approx 1,150 words); Complete 4/22/11; PG Rated
Life is all about making choices and then living with the choices we make.
TIMELINE: Spring 1964 and Spring 1974

FIRES OF THE SOUL -- GEN; Vignette (approx 775 words); Complete 2/20/16; PG Rated
There was not much about human nature that escaped the insight of Alexander Waverly, particularly with regard to U.N.C.L.E.'s all-important Section II personnel.
TIMELINE: Summer 1964

THE WAY THEY WERE -- GEN; Vignette (approx 750 words); Complete 7/23/16; PG Rated
There is a world of difference between loneliness and solitude.
TIMELINE: Autumn 1964

CHIMERA -- GEN; Short Story (approx 2,350 words); Complete 6/19/11; PG Rated
What is illusion? What is reality? How much of which is which is determined by what we expect... or don't expect... to see?
TIMELINE: Autumn 1964

REMINSCENCES AND RECOGNITIONS -- GEN; Vignette (approx 1,530 words); Complete 2/8/14; PG Rated
Reminiscences from our past sometimes serve as pre-cursors to recognitions regarding our future.
TIMELINE: Mid-Winter 1965

SUBROGATION OF THE SOUL -- GEN; Short Story (approx 18,400 words); Complete 2/21/13; PG-13 Rated for violence and mild language
Our internal moral compass serves us well as a guiding force in life. But wherein lies our surety of soul when two distinct points on that compass seem at odds?
TIMELINE: Late Winter 1965

RIGHTS AND PREROGATIVES -- GEN; Vignette (approx 1,300 words); Complete 4/21/13; PG Rated
Friendship can mean many things, but it is certain that the old saying "A friend in need is a friend indeed" epitomizes its ultimate meaning.
Aftertake on fanfic story SUBROGATION OF THE SOUL.
TIMELINE: Late Winter 1965

IGNIS FATUUS -- GEN; Short Story (approx 2,250 words); Complete 3/18/12; PG Rated
Light can be deceiving... as can what we see or think we see... and what we understand or think we understand.
Sequel to fanfic story CHIMERA.
TIMELINE: Spring 1965

OF ILLUSION AND DELUSION -- GEN; Short Story (approx 3,550 words); Complete 4/1/12; PG Rated
When we rationally make up our minds that something is illusion, can we be but purposely deluding ourselves regarding acceptance of a reality beyond the constraints of mere reason?
Sequel to fanfic story IGNIS FATUUS.
TIMELINE: Spring 1965

FRENEMIES -- GEN; Short Story (approx 600 words); Complete 3/19/17; PG Rated
Companionship can come in the most unexpected forms... and with the most unexpected individuals.
TIMELINE: Summer 1965

RESPONSIBLE INSTINCTS -- GEN; Vignette (approx 400 words); Complete 8/14/13; PG Rated
We are who we are. Of that there is no doubt.
TIMELINE: Autumn 1965

COMING BACK FROM SOMEWHERE -- GEN; Short Story (approx 18,200 words); Complete 8/30/10; PG-13 Rated for adult situations
So what happened between Napoleon and Mara after she took that dose of Capsule B?
Aftertake on series episode THE NOWHERE AFFAIR
TIMELINE: Late Winter into Spring 1966

EVERY MAN A PATRIOT -- GEN; Short Story (approx 1,025 words); Complete 4/18/15; PG Rated
There is patriotism, and then there is patriotism…
TIMELINE: Spring 1966

HELLO, MY NAME IS... -- GEN; Short Story (approx 14,100 words); Complete 5/24/10; PG Rated for discussion of adult situations
Seemingly the simplest of statements can mean so much more than we often realize…
TIMELINE: Spring 1966

THE RAWNESS OF NATURE -- GEN; Vignette (approx 880 words); Complete 4/6/12; PG Rated for mild sexual innuendo
The breathtaking raw spectacle of the Florida Everglades… and two particular U.N.C.L.E. agents
TIMELINE: Summer 1966

THREE -- GEN; Shot Story (approx 11,250 words); Complete 10/25/14; PG Rated for mild language
She was there: in their dreams, in their memories, in the very air. But really was she?
Sequel to fanfic story OF ILLUSION AND DELUSION.
TIMELINE: Autumn 1966 (with Prologue in Spring 1965)

MODEL BEAUTY -- GEN; Vignette (approx 425 words); Complete 3/26/13; PG Rated
She is absolutely gorgeous, and…
TIMELINE: Autumn 1966

THERE ONCE WAS... -- GEN; Short Story (approx 1,010 words); Complete 3/25/16; PG Rated
A 'tail' of MFU…
TIMELINE: Spring 1967

RIM SHOT -- GEN; Vignette (approx 500 words); Complete 4/2/10; PG Rated for mild sexual innuendo
Sometimes partners have to work together in unexpected ways…
TIMELINE: Spring 1967

TRUSTING OPTIMISM -- GEN; Short Story (approx 3,100 words); Complete 11/6/09; ReEdited 2/27/10; PG Rated for mild violence
Sometimes it takes more than talent, training and toughness to complete a mission...
TIMELINE: Summer 1967

VIBRATIONS THROUGH THE WALL-- GEN; Short Story (approx 12,100 words); Complete 1/2/12; PG-13 Rated for violence/torture and mild sexual innuendo
Thrush has developed yet another dangerous drug. But this time their production/distribution operation is centered in apartheid-governed South Africa, where U.N.C.L.E. has no chartered jurisdiction.
TIMELINE: Early Winter 1967/1968

NINE EGGS -- GEN; Vignette (approx 1,000 words); Complete 4/3/15; PG Rated
The ultimate prize at this Easter Egg Hunt could be death...
TIMELINE: Spring 1968

FORCED FOCUS -- GEN; Vignette (approx 1,500 words); Complete 2/14/11; PG-13 Rated for violence/torture
What does Illya know that the others at U.N.C.L.E. don't? What exactly happened to Waverly on his trip to Washington, D.C.?
TIMELINE: Spring 1968

THE IN LIEU OF GOLD AFFAIR -- GEN; Short Story (approx 17,400 words); Complete 1/1/11; PG-13 Rated for violence and adult situations
A Thrush plot in the offing with regard to athlete drug testing during the Summer Olympics of 1968 brings Napoleon and Illya to Mexico City.
TIMELINE: Late Summer into Autumn 1968

MIND DANCING -- GEN; Short Story (approx 2,200 words); Complete 6/16/13; PG Rated for mild language
When can a stale joke provide more than just a snicker?
TIMELINE: Winter 1969

THE PERFECT SHORTCUT -- GEN; Vignette (approx 625 words); Complete 1/23/15; PG Rated
There are ways for an U.N.C.L.E. enforcement agent to find at least temporary serenity.
TIMELINE: Spring 1969

IF WARNINGS WERE RABBITS... -- GEN; Vignette (approx 1,390 words); Complete 3/29/13; PG Rated
Men from U.N.C.L.E. can get warnings of impending danger from the oddest sources.
TIMELINE: Spring 1969

THE STICKING IN MUD AFFAIR -- GEN / HET; Short Story (approx 40,000 words); Complete 9/27/14; R Rated for non-consensual sex, explicit adult situations and language
Microorganism Ubiquity Depredator, aka MUD... A river of the biochemically created substance is being stored under a science facility in rural New Jersey. But what exactly is it and what nefarious designs does Thrush have for the compound? And what will Napoleon and Illya be required to do to halt those designs?
TIMELINE: Summer 1969

A SINGLE BLUE TONGUE OF FLAME -- GEN; Vignette (approx 1,500 words); Complete 1/29/12; PG Rated for mild language
Lingering signs of a past mission sour Illya's outlook. So can Napoleon find a way to lift his partner's spirits?
Aftertake on fanfic story THE STICKING IN MUD AFFAIR
TIMELINE: MidWinter 1970

THEY ALWAYS SERVE THEIR MASTERS? -- GEN; Vignette (approx 1,050 words); Complete 6/13/15; PG Rated for mild language
Every dog will have his (or her) day, the old saying goes.
TIMELINE: Spring 1970

POWERS OF THE EARTH -- GEN; Short Story (approx 1,100 words); Complete 10/27/15; PG Rated
Well, it's a theory...
TIMELINE: Summer 1970

SWEETEST THOUGHTS, BITTEREST CERTAINITIES -- GEN; Short Story (approx 1,725 words); Complete 10/17/15; PG Rated
Echoes from the past can sound strongly in our minds... and hearts.
TIMELINE: Autumn 1970

WHAT GOT IT GETS YOU -- GEN; Vignette (approx 1,300 words); Complete 6/21/14; PG Rated for mild language
No question Napoleon's got it, and that can sometimes aid in the oddest situations.
TIMELINE: Summer 1971

AFFINITIES -- GEN; Vignette (approx 275 words); Complete 4/21/17; PG Rated
How much of what we see is based on what we think we know?
TIMELINE: Autumn 1971

A FINE FECUNDITY OF PURPOSE -- GEN; Short Story (approx 1,830 words); Complete 5/1/12; PG Rated for mild language
It's annual contract signing time at U.N.C.L.E. But it's Napoleon last time to sign as a member of Section II, something that quietly depresses the usually ebullient CEA.
TIMELINE: Spring 1972

WHAT ARE THE ODDS? -- GEN; Vignette (approx 340 words); Complete 5/7/15; PG Rated
Something fishy perhaps?
TIMELINE: Spring 1972

SEEKING ENTENTE CORDIALE -- GEN; Short Story (approx 5,250 words); Complete 10/21/12; PG Rated
"Blasts from the pasts" don't always come via any expected avenue... or wind up in any expected way.
Aftertake on fanfic story THE CINFERFELLA AFFAIR
TIMELINE: Autumn 1972

A FAULT IN OUR STARS? -- GEN; Short Story (approx 5,300 words); Complete 12/21/14; PG Rated for mild language
For every beginning in life there is also an end.
Sequel to fanfic story SEEKING ENTENTE CORDIALE
TIMELINE: Late Autumn 1973

THE VIEW ON THE OTHER SIDE -- GEN; Short Story (approx 1,650 words); Complete 10/7/16; PG Rated
Memories from the past, even painful ones, can so often provide insight into the present... and the future.
TIMELINE: Winter 1974

LINKS OF PASSAGE -- GEN / HET; Short Story (approx 14,900 words); Complete 9/18/11; R Rated for adult situations
Napoleon owns dozens of pairs of cufflinks. Is there more to the collection than meets the eye?
TIMELINE: Spring 1974 with flashbacks from 1936 to 1969

THE WAVES OF CHANGE AFFAIR -- GEN; Novella (approx 120,000 words); Complete; Part 1 Complete 8/21/09; Part 2 Complete 4/14/10; R Rated for violence/torture, sexual innuendo and adult situations
It's 2007. Napoleon and Illya are both now policymakers for U.N.C.L.E. and have been for some 20 years. Yet their field agent pasts are always with them and one particular old affair springs to new life in the form of a "Thrush technological residual".
(This story includes "canon" established by THE RETURN OF THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.: THE FIFTEEN YEARS LATER AFFAIR. Thus it is somewhat separate from the universe of my other stories, as that universe purposely excludes the "life results" for the agents forwarded in the later movie.)
TIMELINE: Winter 2007 with flashbacks to Summer 1966

COME IN FROM THE COLD -- GEN; Poem (approx 275 words); Complete 8/23/09; G Rated
Sometimes the past can hold the present hostage...

TEARS OF STONE-- GEN; Poem (approx 260 words); Complete 8/23/09; G Rated
The world of an U.N.C.L.E. enforcement agent entails a certain way of looking at things...


WE ARE WHAT WE LIVE (with [profile] wendiez) -- GEN / HET; Novella (approx 87,100 words); Complete 6/3/11; R Rated for language, torture and adult situations
Psychological pain can haunt us, preventing the ultimate healing of both minds and hearts while stretching taut the ties of friendship.
Aftertake on series episode THE GURNIUS AFFAIR.
TIMELINE: Late Summer into Late Autumn 1967
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